Liquica (Tetum: Likisá) is located in the northern coast of Timor Leste, around 32 KM away from Dili. The South of Liquiçá is bordering with Bobonaro, the east with Ermera district and the southwest with Sawu ocean. Liquicá district consist of 3 (three)sub-district: Bazartete, Liquica and Maubara. 

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HOW TO GET TO Liquiçá The distance between Dili to Liquiçá's Tais central workshop is 20KM and can be reached within 20 minutes on vehicle.


The Tais center in Liquica is called Tais Nain, headed by mrs. Fernanda Pereira and it has 5 members. Nain means owner therefore Tais Nain means the owner of Tais.


Name of Group : TAIS NA'IN
Group leader : Mrs Fernanda Pereira
Contact detail : +67077080760
Members : 5 people


Raw Material

Materials used for Tais production in this area are store bought yawn/thread unlike other districts that still use home grown cotton due to several considerations:
1. Practicality (it takes time and dedication to spun the thread the way their ancestors did)
2. Cotton rarely grows in this Leucissa area.
3. Buyers prefer bright colors for their Tais and store bought thread/yawn simply accommodates it.

Pattern & Design

There are two types of classical types that can't be altered according to Liquica's tradition:
1. TAIS KIAK: the colors of this Tais tend to be modern because store bought thread are usually bright in colors (navy blue, read, green and other colors). Typical pattern found in this Tais is earlobe (Tilung)
2. TAIS MEYANG: is another type of Tais in Liquica.
Both Tais (KIAK and MEYANG) has matching patterns for male (mane) andfemale (feto).

"Tais Feto Liquiça Timor-Leste Techniques: resist dyed single warp, direct dyeing Collection of the Textile Museum Jakarta"

The Correlation between Tradition and Tais in Liquiçá

Classical Tais is closely tied with traditional rituals because Tais is used as medium of exchange in wedding ceremonies and funerals.
In wedding ceremony, the groom offers one buffalo and USD 1,000, while the bride has to return the gesture with 1 pair of Tais Kiak or Meyang (mane and feto) , 1 pig and 1 quintal of rice to the groom's family.
Contemporary made to order Tais pattern is also flourishing.