Ainaro is located in Ainaro. Tais artisans in this area is located in one of the sub-district of Ainaro. Artisas in this area still retains the classical patterns according to the custom while developing more contemporary patterns fulfilling the market demand. 

Timor-Leste Map
HOW TO GET TO Ainaro Dili and Ainaro through Aeiliu city is 125 km away can be reached in 4 hours.
The access to Tais workshop center from Ainaro city is cut because the connecting bridge is broken and the current is strong. The workshop center can be accessed when its dry season.


In one of the sub-districts of Ainaro there is a group of Tais artisans called Dulmadik led by mrs. Alex Andrina with 15 members (10 male and 5 female).They still retain classical pattern and also continues to develop their contemporary designs.


Name of Group : DULMANDIK
Group leader : Mrs Alex Sandrina
Contact detail : +67077370756 and +67077832616
Members : 15 (10 females and 5 males)

Raw Material

Raw materials used in Ainaro are a combination of cotton and store bought thread/yawn. The thread/yawn bought from the store are from Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Pattern & Design

Tais in this area has no special name and only named after its region name; Tais Ainaro.

"Tais Feto dari Bunak dan Kemak Ainaro Timor-Leste Techniques: resist dyed single warp, direct dyeing, discontinuous supplementary weft Collection of the General Directorate of Arts and Culture, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Timor-Leste"

The Correlation between Tradition and Tais in Ainaro

Ainaro's classical Tais is closely tied with the traditional rituals as it is used as the medium of exchange for wedding ceremonies and funerals.