It is located on the western part of the country and borders Indonesia to the west. It has a population of 59.455 inhabitants (Census 2010) and an area of 1.226 km2. The capital of Cova Lima is Suai which lies 136 km southwest of Dili, the national capital. Cova Lima district comprises the subdistricts of Fatululik, Fatumean, Fohorem, Zumulai, Maucatar, Suai and Tilomar.

Timor-Leste Map
HOW TO GET TO Covalima About 7-8 hours from Dili with 4WD Vehicle to Covalima, Suai.

The Tais of Covalima

Suai Loro

Suai Loro

Tais artisans in Suai Loro is located at one of the sub-districts of Covalima. Covalima doesn't have a Tais workshop center. They still retain the classical pattern inherited by their ancestors.


Name of Group : Suai Loro
Group leader : Mrs Carminda
Contact detail : +67075285270
Members : 10 people


Raw Material

Store bought. thread

Pattern & Design

Classical Tais in this area has special names; for Tais Mane (Klar, Duka, Sabunini, dan Halailaran). Tais Feto don't have any.

"Tais Mane: Sikalao Man Suai Loro"

The Correlation between Tradition and Tais in Suai Loro

Tais in same is closely tied with local ceremonies as it were used as dowry in weddings and or as accessories in funeral.