Technical Training and Development Coloration motive Tais

Training and development Motif staining techniques Tais held for 14 days, which is on 12 to 25 September 2015. This event was attended by 30 participants from 12 municipal. These activities provide a briefing to the participants about the natural coloring techniques and synthetic coloring (through direct staining and coloring naphthol) is innovative and does not fade. Also developed innovative motifs of various municipal in Timor Leste.


Chief of Instructure explained how one of the training of the trainers get best appreciation.


Natural Tinting training, provide knowledge to participants about various natural coloring materials that exist in the environment around and does not destroy nature. In Technical Training tinting, resulting in 29 natural colors. While staining naphthol produce 12 colors and 5 color composition resulting in a direct coloring. In addition to the development of motive development, this training has resulted in 13 motif ranging from the classic to the modern tais.


The best Training of Trainers participants posed by Vice Minister of MCIA



At the end of the activities, Vice Minister of Commerce, Industry and Environment of East Timor, Mr. Philip Nino Peirera, reward and appreciation to the best participants.


Training of the trainers is closed by Vice Minister of MCIA Mr. Filipus Nino Pereira.


This training is intended for trainers who are expected to provide guidance craftsmen in every Municipal Tais.